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Garth Michael McDermott: Bio

After spending his entire life on the east coast and writing songs on piano and guitar beginning at age 12, former New York City-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Garth Michael McDermott spent 4 years in Portland, Oregon (2004-2008), where he released his critically acclaimed record, "Highways and Ghosts, " - an effort that leaned away from the power-pop tendencies of Garth’s past work with his band, American Lad, (called “one of Long Island’s best pop/rock outfits” by The Voice) - toward a more rootsy and personally reflective approach, which Garth developed upon moving to Portland.

"Highways and Ghosts" quickly became a best seller on CD Baby (upon its release) and went on to have half of its songs featured on major network television shows (ABC, CBS, FOX) and lifestyle movies, which allowed Garth to spend some time on the road - traveling on both coasts and selling CDs out of his car.

"To me, Highways and Ghosts is a testament to the strength of the dynamic human spirit. The idea that no matter what stage in life we’re in, there are always circumstances that allow us to begin again. Circumstances where we get the opportunity to choose what aspects of ourselves we're going to bring forward with us, and what we've elected to leave behind. What version of myself am I going to be now? How have I grown? What have I learned? How am I different? How am I perceived by others? It's about attempting to live life consciously and trying to see if we're capable of realizing and embracing the most important aspects of our lives as they're happening. The idea of "scalable wisdom" - the notion that - hey, this might not be exactly how we planned it, but we're going to live with the choices we've made and carve out a new path. But mostly, I think it suggests the one main idea that – no matter what path or stage – life is always a continuous series of highways and ghosts."

Upon arriving in Nashville, Garth has been working on putting out a new record of tracks he recorded with the Portland band, The Fingerprints, as well as finishing a new nashville-based solo record of songs penned since arriving in Music City.

This past summer, Garth utilized The Lounge at Mad Donna's in East Nashville as a launching pad for his "Intimate Concert Series." For 5 months Garth booked and hosted a weekly show - assembling a diverse array of writers in the most intimate of settings every week.

These days, the Intimate Concert Series has expanded it's reach - and it's purpose! The ICS is now is a mobile intimate concert event designed to showcase independent songwriters and locally owned businesses while benefiting local charities.


They find the music, the venue, and the cause - and then put together a show!

You might find them putting on a show at a HAIR SALON - catered by a BURRITO RESTAURANT - benefiting a DOG RESCUE! Sometimes the show takes place at a traditional music venue, but it doesn’t have to! They bring the local songwriters and the sound-gear to a local business, then create a night to benefit a local charity. Everyone shares in the promotion of the show - with proceeds going to a great cause!

For more information about Garth's Intimate Concert Series, please visit: